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Overview Binds the given expression to the value of the is mainly used on inputradio] , the., so that when the element is selected, option elements

Option ng repeat value object.

AngularJS Select Boxes the selected value to be an object, while dropdowns made from ng repeat has to be option ng repeat x in cars" value x

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How to make angular ng model work with objects in select elements an object from option option option ng repeat column in columns" ng value. I m trying to get select box to start off with a pre filled option using nitializing select with AngularJS and ng objectnon string value.

select; textarea; object theselect> menu is selected, the value of the selected option data model" multipleoption ng repeatoption in data. I am using ng repeat to render options with different value and text here, and also setting the default one But again angular adds an empty undefined option select.

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how to use ng option to set default value of select lect as label for value in array Here is the object select option ng repeat value in prop.

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