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Canada trademark use. Canada, does not have a provision governing notice by a trademark owner of the existence of a trademark, other than in the case of a licensee being allowed by an owner to use one The use of symbols such as , accompanied by a full written notice., unlike the US, is therefore optional but advised

In jurisdictions that maintain strong trademark use requirements, such as the United States , it is, , Canada, therefore, services., important for foreign applicants to ensure that the manner in which their marks are used will support a finding of use in commerce with their goods

Example 1: Sample application for registration of a trademark in use in Canada To the Registrar of Trademarks, D4E 5F6, Ottawa, DEF Inc whose full post office address of its principal office , Canada The applicant, applies for the registration of the trademark identified below., Ontario, place of business is 456 Number Avenue, Gatineau 4 United States: USE for Registration In the United States, a mark must be used in commerceto be registered as a trademark The definition of use in commercewas.

The home page for the Trademarks Branch of the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.

Thus, although Canada is not stringent on having to prove use of a trademark to obtain a registration, , it is important that the mark be in use in Canada in order to maintain the rights provided by a registration As the saying goes use it, lose it.

Currently, , Canada requires that the trademark actually be used before a registration will issue: such use can be in Canada, in a foreign WTO member country if the trademark is also eithera) deemed to made known in Canada in accordance with a statutory formulation orb) coupled with a registration from the applicant s country of origin.

112 World Trademark Review June July 2013 Co published editorial Use issues in Canada Bereskin Parr LLP border commerce has.

In Canada, governed by the Trade Marks Act., unregistered A registered trademark in Canada is one that has been formally entered onto the official register of mark registration in Canada is a matter of federal jurisdiction, a trademark can be registered How can the answer be improved

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